Scholarship Program

Nicholas Torrance who is now attending Augusta State College is the lastest recipicant of the PCS Nitrogen Scholarship

Silver Gloves

Augusta Boxing Club had the distenct honor of sending six boxers to the 2014  Silver Gloves Region III tournament at Fort Washingthon Maryland. on the 8th thru the 11th of Jan 2014.

About Us

Director & Head Coach:
Ray Whitfield

Chief Trainer:

Tyrone Guy


Assistant Trainers:

Nick Lyons

John Campbell

Leonard Pulley

Jade Ealy

Lucious Robinson

Chief Physician

Dr. Bob Gambrell

Sports Medicine Assoc. of Augusta

Team Chiropractor

Georgia Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Spiritual Advisor

Rev. Scan Holsonback

Our Mission:

[ Augusta Boxing Club and Parks Department, with assistance from area law enforcement agencies, implemented the Augusta Boxing Association/Augusta Police Athletic (P>A>L) in an effort to curtail drug abuse and crime among young adults and children. This program uses sports, specifically boxing, as a tool to attract young people who have been given the opportunity to build self confeidence, develop self discipline, learn to function as a team, develop good sportsmanship and experience the rewards of always striving to do thier best. In its 20 plus year history, several hundred children and young adults have benefited from their participation in the Augusta Boxing Association. The Program is preventative in nature as opposed to rehabilitative, with its participants coming from the entire Central Savanna River Area (CSRA). The majority of these children have had no prior contact with the court system.

We are able to go beyond the athletic aspects of the program and provide tutoring and drug counseling, take them to field trips and require attendance at a variety of educational programs. Through the boxing tournaments, many of our participants have had the opportunity to travel extensively in the United States and abroad. Several members of our team have qualified to represent the United States Olympic Boxing Association and have competed in locations such as Russia, Germany, Sweden, Poland and England.

Unlike most school activities, our program operates year round. We average between 70 to 100 participants at all times. During our peak periods (the school year), we can work with up to 200 children. The majority of these young men and women are between the ages of 8 to 15. 


Augusta Boxing Club
1929 Walton Way

Augusta, Georgia 30904

(706) 550-0382

"It's Better to Sweat in the Gym than Bleed in the Streets"



 The Augusta boxing club was started in 1976 in the personal garage of Tom Moraetes. At the time Tom was working in the Juvenile Court as a Probation Officer for the City of Augusta. He volunteered all of his efforts from 1975 until 1995. In 1995 the City of Augusta decided that it was time to bring the Augusta Boxing Club on full time with the Augusta Recreation and Parks Department. In 2011 the Augusta Boxing Club moved from under the city of Augusta and found a new director in Ray "Stingray" Whitfield. The Club is now a non-profit organization and is ran off of donations by sponsors.





Lawrence "Poncho" Carter

Frank Durst

Brandon Mitchem

Vernon Forrest

Cristy "Code Red" Terherst

Ray "Stingray" Whitfield